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Anthony Shull

"Professional Revolutionary"


Messages meet trozo, a mobile thimbl client for nearly every mobile device.
by at Fri, 8 Jul at 18:51:40 darcs hosting in the digital ghetto
by at Tue, 5 Jul at 16:04:11
using git for my public repos and darcs for my private.
by at Tue, 28 Jun at 14:04:41 can't wait to get sued by t-mobile for our use of the color magenta on
by at Thu, 2 Jun at 10:40:52
looks like peercast and freecast are both down for the count.
by at Thu, 2 Jun at 09:35:21
drinking the haskell kool-aid
by at Wed, 1 Jun at 10:49:25 crowd sourcing for astronomical data
by at Thu, 26 May at 09:42:16 finally found a haskell web framework. The RAM cloud database looks pretty cool.
by at Tue, 24 May at 14:47:13
@dk, we should start looking for a struggling Usenet provider. Might be able to try out insurgent finance
by at Thu, 19 May at 13:52:53 to attract top talent, use esoteric programming languages.
by at Mon, 9 May at 10:56:27 scalacl, go fast or go home.
by at Sun, 8 May at 23:05:19 Lift looks like a promising web framework
by at Sun, 8 May at 23:03:41
when are they going to stop writing software in java?
by at Sun, 8 May at 16:04:51 contest for open source projects being worked on by developers in Philly. going to enter thimbl.
by at Wed, 4 May at 14:22:46 after thimbl a distributed search engine?
by at Tue, 3 May at 15:55:03
@dk, have you seen zotonic? it's a slick looking CMS in erlang. also, chicago boss which is like rails for erlang.
by at Mon, 2 May at 10:52:55
looks like erlang has much better support for i/o than haskell
by at Fri, 29 Apr at 12:28:21
wanting to learn a *first* functional programming language. haskell, erlang, lisp, or other?
by at Fri, 29 Apr at 10:45:17 distributed version control written in Haskell.
by at Mon, 25 Apr at 09:01:55 a CMS written in Erlang.
by at Mon, 25 Apr at 09:01:00
met with @patrickboe tonight to discuss a scala-based thimbl client
by at Thu, 21 Apr at 20:46:27
note to self : orders of growth is not an appropriate topic of friday night conversation
by at Sat, 9 Apr at 16:34:51
just started playing with openbox for ubuntu. might use it as my default window manager when i finally get around to buying a netbook.
by at Fri, 8 Apr at 14:24:11
@zeh @dmytri agreed on both counts. i think the Left has lost site of what success would even look like & settle for righteous protest
by at Tue, 5 Apr at 13:43:41
it's cool to develop a working algorithm...even when it tells you your services suck
by at Tue, 5 Apr at 11:34:01
got my first EC2 instance running last night.
by at Mon, 4 Apr at 08:24:07
@zeh, have met a lot of the platypus people. main problem is that the Left in the US doesn't want to do any hard work. they are probably funded by the FBI.
by at Sun, 3 Apr at 18:00:28
design patterns suck all of the joy out of life.
by at Thu, 31 Mar at 09:15:21
comcast called to let me know they've noticed strange ssh traffic emanating from my server... :)
by at Mon, 28 Mar at 14:42:27
considering learning how to use EC2 for data analysis. hardware depreciates too quickly to be worth the investment considering how low my usual capacity utilization ends up being.
by at Mon, 28 Mar at 12:01:45
did a very simple analysis of thimbl and twitter posts on hoping to do more data analysis as thimbl continues to grow
by at Fri, 25 Mar at 19:47:30
started work today on a thimbl GUI using wxPython
by at Thu, 24 Mar at 14:20:49
new developments in large data techniques
by at Thu, 24 Mar at 10:17:05
my first post on my handle
by at Wed, 23 Mar at 15:13:36

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