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Dmytri Kleiner

"Venture Communist"



Hey @seb! Welcome to Thimbl
by at Thu, 23 Jun at 11:45:23
@feom, a remote thimbl client needs to authenticate against the user's own host, since the user stores their own data. SSH is the best possible choice to do this. As to *which* ssh account, that's up to you. The one you want to use for Thimbl. As for keys instead of passwords, that is possible, but no clients have support for this yet. Also, you are not required to use a remote client at all, you can use a local client (like Thimbl-CLI) on the actual server that your finger account is hosted an, and thereby never need to remotely authenticate.
by at Thu, 23 Jun at 11:43:06
Cool to see the users on the global timeline Distributed Microblogging FTW!
by at Tue, 21 Jun at 05:39:21
Hey big welcome to Phimbl users! I'll be following all of you!
by at Tue, 21 Jun at 05:13:57
Hello @arturo!!! Welcome to you and Phimbl!
by at Mon, 20 Jun at 03:12:03
hey @feoh, actually anybody with a finger/ssh account on any host can, if they like, log in here with there finger account and ssh password if they have a thimbl compatible .plan file like this:
by at Thu, 9 Jun at 06:18:57
Hey @knarf, Thimbl is decentralized, if you don't want to use client hosted by somebody else, you don't have to! You can install a web-based or console based client on your machine. Any Thimbl user can use any client to follow any other Thimbl user on any host. is the client we use, others can use it if they like, but thy do not need to.
by at Tue, 31 May at 03:22:14
@ben, hey Ben! Welcome to Thimbl, sorry I missed your comment.
by at Tue, 31 May at 03:19:57
@feoh, it's your ssh username/password, ThimblSinging is just a Thimbl client that is web-based.
by at Tue, 31 May at 03:16:54
Hey @feoh, democracy has also never been achieved. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to understand the principals of political philosophy and apply them where we can. For Telekommunisten, that's telecommunications and media art. Maybe one day we will have a thimbl enabled pop machine, probably not coke though, perhaps the munich CCC will finger enable the Matemat.
by at Fri, 27 May at 08:53:17
Welcome, feoh. As a founder of telekommunisten and thimbl, the politics is what motiviates me to undertake these projects, see for more detail. In anycase, enjoy thimbl as far as I know the you can't catch communism from the finger protocol. unfortunately. cheers.
by at Wed, 25 May at 17:18:18
Captial Doesn't Automate, It Entangles.
by at Mon, 16 May at 02:45:35
Hey @zeh, I would see p2p banking and currencies as part of Venture Communist, the idea of Insurgent Finance is to use speculative-grade bonds to take over existing enterprises as an alternative to bootstrapping new ones.
by at Mon, 16 May at 02:43:59
Insurgent Finance! My thoughts written on my phone on the way to #platpol11 last night, cleaned up and edited.
by at Thu, 12 May at 05:36:51
by at Wed, 11 May at 09:01:14
Welcome @fil!
by at Mon, 9 May at 11:52:35
Hey @anthony, that's great!
by at Thu, 5 May at 05:00:41
Democracy Diner. Written before the Obama election, but might cheer up depressed Canadians (or not)
by at Tue, 3 May at 09:15:43
Hey, welcome @Praveen and @Claudio!!
by at Tue, 3 May at 08:36:50
@anthony, no haven't tried it. But looks interesting, for sure. Although I probably wouldn't run erlang for a cms, since that's the sort of thing I would just run on shared virtual hosting, not our servers.
by at Tue, 3 May at 08:33:39
Hello @Dereckson! Welcome!
by at Mon, 2 May at 08:53:19
@anthony, I understand that better haskell IO is coming.
by at Mon, 2 May at 06:37:20
Join us in inscribing upon on our banners the revolutionary slogan, "Don't be a Twit, it feels good to be fingered!"
by at Sat, 30 Apr at 09:29:53
Facebook has deleted activist sites. #facebookpurge ->
by at Fri, 29 Apr at 11:30:55
Hey @zeh, @anthony, the only true measure can be capital mutualized vs labour power captured by Captal.
by at Tue, 5 Apr at 04:47:01
Hey @zeh, @anthony, the only true measure can be capital mutualized vs labour power captured by Captial.
by at Tue, 5 Apr at 04:46:57
Hello, all, my official Thimbl acount is dk if you are following me at or please edit your .plan and change to danke!
by at Fri, 1 Apr at 05:29:05
by at Fri, 25 Mar at 09:42:54
Hey @fguillen, nice to see new distributed microbloging platforms emerging, but IMO, the architecture of oStatus stuff, as base, is much too complex for wide adoption, and the tiers are not well defined. With Thimbl, you could host your Finger service on a device as small and simple as your home router. Requiring a full webstack (even as nice as Sinatra) to run on the host server is the wrong approach, IMO.
by at Fri, 25 Mar at 06:57:37
Hey funny @zeh, I just shared that link with some colleagues this morning.
by at Wed, 23 Mar at 13:36:02
by at Tue, 22 Mar at 09:48:39
by at Mon, 21 Mar at 06:43:42
hmm, it seems that everything I know about CSS was wrong:
by at Mon, 21 Mar at 06:38:12
The Currency of the Commons: Dmytri Kleiner about the "Telecommunist Manifesto" and the Currency of the Commons
by at Mon, 21 Mar at 05:39:15
RT @iamleeg (from Twitter) You people using StatusNet are so funny. Distributed microblogging jumped the shark when John Carmack stopped updating his .plan file.
by at Wed, 16 Mar at 10:22:52
Hey @bbachler, no problem, keep me posted on how it goes. BTW, the #freeswitch IRC group on freenode is great.
by at Tue, 15 Mar at 13:28:14
Actually, it's what Singing has in it's know users list. Is that derived from followings or logins?
by at Tue, 15 Mar at 12:44:15
Hey @fguillen, it's not up to me ;) It's what other users have in their following
by at Tue, 15 Mar at 12:37:48
@fguillen, the website itself,, only has 3.3% IE over the last 90 days.
by at Tue, 15 Mar at 09:35:44
@fguillen, yes the duplicate messages are because my finger server has many domains, so I can be followed at, and, so need to have a way to indicate aliases, perhaps an accounts [] collection in the .plan?
by at Tue, 15 Mar at 09:31:22
Welcome @SinkDeep!
by at Mon, 14 Mar at 19:09:14
@bbachler, the reason I use FreeSwitch and not Asterisk, is that I find FreeSwitch more flexible and customizable. You can easily. I like the Dialplan XML format, and have generally written my scripts in JavaScript. My feeling is that Asterisk is great if what you want is a PBX for an Office. FreeSwitch is my prefered choice when what I am making is not a PBX, but a telephony application of some sort.
by at Mon, 14 Mar at 14:01:50
@fguillen, the new version of ThimblSinging is great!
by at Mon, 14 Mar at 12:23:40
Hey @t: baaaaaar!
by at Mon, 14 Mar at 11:22:20
Hey @t: baaaaaar!
by at Mon, 14 Mar at 11:22:18
Latest version of Singing, now live at
by at Mon, 14 Mar at 11:18:24
@fguillen, yeah, the version seems to work.
by at Mon, 28 Feb at 08:35:33
Monday morning, on the plan for this week: SSL for Thimbl Singing.
by at Mon, 21 Feb at 09:24:27
by at Fri, 18 Feb at 12:19:45
Heading back to Piet Zwart for lunch and goodbyes, thanks to everyone for a great couple of days!
by at Fri, 18 Feb at 11:20:06
Renee Turner Live Thimbling from Piet Zwart :
by at Wed, 16 Feb at 17:05:16
Piet Zwart Institute now has the largest number of Thimbl users at any one host!
by at Wed, 16 Feb at 16:53:12
Thanks @rw!! We're all laughing here that we got a response!
by at Wed, 16 Feb at 10:32:25
At Piet Zwart!
by at Wed, 16 Feb at 10:02:08
Yo, @ashull, stop posting from the Future ;)
by at Tue, 15 Feb at 12:09:56
Hey Thimbl Users, have you tried the awesome Thimbl Singing Demo:
by at Tue, 15 Feb at 12:08:29
Testing Thimbl Singing!
by at Mon, 14 Feb at 15:05:54
@naikomdemus, it works. Welcome.
by at Mon, 7 Feb at 11:32:46
transmediale was fun, Thimbl got a distinction and moves onwards...
by at Sun, 6 Feb at 19:26:07
If rocker hair and skinny jeans could make comebacks, why not Finger?
by at Thu, 3 Feb at 16:22:08
Tonight @cbase: monochrom & Telekommunisten run DISMALWARE an antivirus toolkit for your liberal Western brain
by at Thu, 3 Feb at 12:19:40
Hello from the thimbl workshop
by at Wed, 2 Feb at 15:23:39
@ed: have you tried frozen soup?
by at Tue, 1 Feb at 14:32:20
@spaetz: first response ;)
by at Tue, 1 Feb at 14:31:40
just launched the new thimbl website.
by at Tue, 25 Jan at 06:51:11
I'm working on a new option parser for node called Operetta, will release soon
by at Tue, 14 Dec at 16:55:53
@mark, great updates, your lates has been merged into the Telekommunisten repos
by at Wed, 8 Dec at 10:45:08
@mark, if we store the dats in GMT/UTC in the .plan, then timezones are no longer an issue
by at Tue, 7 Dec at 13:03:25
@mark, never mind about unfollow, I just read your blog ;)
by at Tue, 7 Dec at 09:13:43
@mark, just one more thing! perhaps convert dates to GMT? Otherwise sorting is affected by timezones
by at Tue, 7 Dec at 08:42:49
@mark, or perhaps follow would first try to finger the account before adding it, to verify it's a real thimbl account?
by at Tue, 7 Dec at 08:41:16
@mark, also a feature request, can we have a 'read' command that combines fetch+print? and unfollow would be nice (like when you make a typo in an address)
by at Tue, 7 Dec at 08:40:25
@mark, ok, using climbl now, posts are sorted in order. great. can't we keep the command as 'thimbl' though? it's nicer and more obvious (principal of least surprise)
by at Tue, 7 Dec at 08:38:09
@mark, not using the version I am, seems to sort by user then date, instead of just date, I tried to pull in the latest from your repo, but then the thimbl executable vanished.
by at Tue, 7 Dec at 08:03:08
@mark, would it be better if the posts where sorted by data, and not user?
by at Tue, 7 Dec at 03:46:55
What is thimbl's equivilent of #FF? In any case, follow the earliest Thimbl users: and
by at Mon, 6 Dec at 07:06:01
back in berlin, call +31108208622 to here the noise created in Rotterdam
by at Mon, 6 Dec at 06:55:28
@bernd, would be cool to inegrate thimbl in\!
by at Mon, 29 Nov at 06:03:35

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