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Aha! My posts are already appearing on ThimblSinging. Excellent.
by at Mon, 27 Jun at 21:08:51
by at Mon, 27 Jun at 20:53:53
For anyone else confused about ThimblSinging - you can't use the instance unless you're an account holder on! This was very unclear to me and perhaps others.
by at Tue, 7 Jun at 19:41:47
Crazy day here at work. Happy to be employed though :)
by at Tue, 7 Jun at 18:04:21
@knarf: I thought the same thing! Also I don't understand - I don't use ssh with passwords - WHICH ssh password am I supposed to be giving to ThimblSinging?
by at Tue, 7 Jun at 18:04:04
Tired but very thankful it's Friday (at least in my time zone) - happy Friday everyone!
by at Fri, 3 Jun at 20:30:45
I'm feeling kind of stupid. Exactly what username/password am I supposed to be entering on the ThimblSinging login page? Is there some place I need to sign up to get added to the list? Thanks
by at Mon, 30 May at 17:00:10
@dk: I couldn't agree more. I think both the democratic and communist models have a lot to teach anyone open minded enough to learn from them. Thinking about it, I applaud your stalwart adherence to principles that are important to you, and once again thank you for making this very cool technology available to the world. As to the CMU coke machine, it sold more than just coke :) -
by at Fri, 27 May at 19:46:21
Also FWIW, I always loved finger, and think some of the magic went away from the internet when its use died out. I still forlornly finger once in a while wishing the internet coke machine were still there :)
by at Wed, 25 May at 21:28:21
@dk: Heh! As I said, my personal views are not the issue I was asking about :) In truth, I feel that the ideal of a communist society is a good one, I just don't know if anyone has ever actualized that ideal, or if in fact humans are capable of it :) Anyway, thank you for all the hard work.
by at Wed, 25 May at 21:27:34
OK, so I love the tech behind Thimbl, and I adore the idea, but I wasn't expecting some of the politics. Not at all against them per se, but it's food for thought.
by at Wed, 25 May at 20:39:40
My god it's gorgeous outside. Today, I wish I could work anywhere, I'd be outside with a laptop, in heaven :)
by at Wed, 25 May at 20:25:26
Really dig this concept! True distributed social media!
by at Wed, 25 May at 20:08:27

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