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Yan Minagawa




showing ccm the fingerhut.
by at Fri, 8 Apr at 07:38:36
by at Sat, 12 Mar at 01:52:42
telling @sodoku about thimbl
by at Fri, 11 Mar at 18:46:01
transmediale is over for me now. mobile freidae at c-base was nice. iEnsemble Berlin really rox. heading over to austria tomorrow
by at Fri, 4 Feb at 23:38:18
rt Tonight @cbase: monochrom & Telekommunisten run DISMALWARE an antivirus toolkit for your liberal Western brain
by at Thu, 3 Feb at 16:38:08
@dk damn i missed the thimbl workshop
by at Thu, 3 Feb at 16:37:21
talking currently with wulff about schnickschnack
by at Thu, 6 Jan at 00:16:48
i wish all my followers and the rest of the world a happy new year
by at Sun, 2 Jan at 18:30:15
@dk is giving a talk today at c-base. i hope he will mention #thimbl there.
by at Tue, 28 Dec at 18:32:33
currently i am at mobile monday summit in berlin.
by at Mon, 29 Nov at 06:35:17
@dk in the docs of thimbl-cli you propagate which is not working
by at Fri, 26 Nov at 08:00:19
and net is still down for me.
by at Fri, 26 Nov at 07:58:05
@dk and who is @meschugge?
by at Thu, 25 Nov at 20:43:37
by at Thu, 25 Nov at 20:41:58

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