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José Canelas




Interesting discussion here: on free culture. Check it out @dk.
by at Sat, 9 Jul at 15:37:40
Thimbl was mentioned in the CyberUnions podcast: Will listen.
by at Tue, 5 Jul at 14:40:58
@anthony, yeah, capturing a Usenet provider with insurgent finance would be poetic :) much in the same way as the head of IMF turning out to be a serial rapist is so appropriate
by at Thu, 19 May at 15:00:57
What do you think of these? (open currency format, like HTML, and an open transport protocol, like HTTP)
by at Mon, 16 May at 18:21:03
Gotcha, @dk, your distinction makes sense.
by at Mon, 16 May at 18:09:15
P2P banking and currencies as part of Insurgent Finance? Looking forward to details on your idea for a currency based on Thimbl, @dk.
by at Sat, 14 May at 17:24:59
ouch. you may very well be right, @anthony, but their point on the idiocy of measuring success either by the number of bodies marching or windows smashed is still sound.
by at Mon, 4 Apr at 21:31:59
Excellent critique. I didn't know but this is some of what has been bothering me.
by at Sat, 2 Apr at 21:30:33
Mark Pesce keynote at LinuxConf about the need for open, distributed, autonomous technology: Mentions UUCP and FidoNet, @dk, you can't miss it :)
by at Mon, 28 Mar at 10:34:57
Programmers resisting workplace hierarchy and control: (somewhat) funny but also tagged under class struggle and resistance.
by at Tue, 22 Mar at 14:17:43
ok. hey there :)
by at Fri, 18 Mar at 15:49:55

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